Hero Actuales

Below are shown the players with more points PvP (Player vs Player).
This ranking was updated in 01/12/2020 at 21:22.

Name Class Clan Ally
Hell Knight HerzedHarag 300 GodKing
Adventurer Rechy TodoSeVende -
Archmage Houdini Histeria VsAll
Soultaker BellatriX 300 GodKing
Arcana Lord Visa Histeria VsAll
Hierophant RasK - -
Eva Templar Copeland 300 GodKing
Mystic Muse Beleth - -
Eva Saint Masterevil Histeria VsAll
Shillien Templar IOmarI - -
Storm Screamer Kyla GreenWave GodKing
Spectral Master Herz3D - -
Shillien Saint Neytiri - -
Fortune Seeker Petunia TodoSeVende -